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Kevin Joe Russell, 43, Lexington

Kevin Joe Russell, 43, of Lexington, passed away Monday, March 27th, in Lexington.

Kevin was born on February 14, 1980, a son of Pearlie (Passmore) Pierce, of Russell Springs, KY and the late Douglas C. Russell.

Kevin is  survived by
mother Pearlie Pierce, of Russell Springs, KY;
a daughter, Jody Byrd, of Columbia, KY;
three sons Kaleb Wethington, of Liberty, KY;  Brandon and Jaydon Russell, of Russell Springs, KY;
three sisters, Frances Owens, of Russell Springs, KY;  Mary  Russell, of Liberty, KY;  Amanda Lay, of Liberty, KY.
a brother, Henry Owens, of Liberty, KY;

He is also survived by 5 grandchildren

He is preceded in death by his father, son Timmy Russell and a daughter Amanda Jo Russell.

Funeral Service will be held 1:00 PM on Friday, March 31st at Bethel United Baptist Church in Dunnville, KY with Bro. Delvin Wilson officiating.

Friends may visit 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on Friday, March 31st at Bethel United Baptist Church  in Dunnville, KY.

Burial in the Bethel Church Cemetery.

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  1. mary russell ruby on May 21, 2023 at 8:46 am

    this is my brother and he was a state inmate at his time of passing and i am as well we were both up for pardon im still awaitin my decision he was given his by God above my brother and i have rarely kknown anything besides abuse prison and sudden deaths i am struggling severely with this loss i have had the job of burying many unwanted and forgotten inmates the job title was maintenance id like to change that to the most unwanted list ive always felt forgotten and unheard as im sure my brother did as well you truely never know what people have suffered i myself was a mother by 12 and gma by 24 5 kids by 18 and now 12 gkids and sadly i ask for help when i was 11 and was denied the commonwealth a judge my mother a 21 year old and a paid attorney signed me off to marriage at age 12 so the 21 year old didnt have to be convicted of statutory rape ive never as for help since been an addict since 8 i need proof of justice in the system im at the end of my 19 year sentence i serve out this year and im terrified im up for pardon and a new beginning would be great but i wonder where does it start especially now with my brother gone oh and not to mention im having to file a wrongful death lawsuit because the staff at blackburn correctional facility failed to give my brother proper care im not god or a doctor but if a man reports to medical of chest pain and his blood pressure is extreme and his chest hurts you do not send him out to work anyway at a landscape job and when he continuously tells you something is wrong and keeps asking to return to medical and you deny him for hours then he finally is allowed to return to his dorm to seek medical yet again and does not make it because what started out as possibly a light heart attack hours earlier and was untreated now turns into a massive heart attack and takes my brothers life YOU ARE WRONG!!!! if anyone would actually take the time to realize we are individuals who have past pains and failures that cannot be healed by being programmed as the corrections system calls it the return rate i feel would definitely drop and yes its embarassing sharing all this and im sure i will be shamed again and again even chastized by the system even more but the truth is the truth anyone can look up the court cases and my kids ages and births are proof i had 5 kids by age 18 i need specific healing i am the proof of the failed justice system and so is my brother i just need specific healing anyone who has heart and genuine care and concern please reach out to me by email leave your number i can call but cant receive calls i cant afford my own phone yet plus im in a halfway house trying to transition into the absolute unnown with nothing 63 cents a day isnt alot to build on to re enter life did i mention im terrified Lord help me you can also write me by mail at mary ruby 124 west oak st louisville ky i dont have stamps but ill get back to you as soon as i can if you prfer paper mail instead of email this is my cry for help and not that i expect to get it but if youd consider me a good candidate for that pardon i need recommendation letters sent to governor beshear or in regards to inmate mary ruby DOC#247281 i dont know if this is just stupid me posting this but ive got to start the healing somewhere and i just feel so unheard thanks to anyone who hears me RIP BIG BUBBA i love you i am so confused and lost but GOD is redirecting this life so i may have peace in knowing i will see you in the next

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